Dorco Razors Review

21 Apr

“Give ‘em the razor; sell ‘em the blades” ~ King Camp Gillette

Dorco Pace Razors... up for review!

Dorco Pace Razors… up for review!

So now that we know why cyclists (and triathletes) shave their legs, let’s talk about what we use to do so. (Plus, you’ll get a discount/referral code at the end!) This will be the first of about 3 shaving related reviews. They’ll focus on their ability to shave legs, but I’ll throw in some comments about face shaving as well (especially with the next one). One thing that frustrates a lot of people is how much some companies charge for the blades of razors. This is why when I found Dorco USA, I actually thought it might be too good to be true. What if I told you that you could spend less than $150 on blades a year while changing them every week? What about less than $100? $50? Believe it.

Over the past two months or so I’ve been testing out Dorco’s 3 major offerings for men: Pace 3, Pace 4, and Pace 6 (both with the trimmer and without). For those of you who don’t know, Dorco is a company which makes razors. It started in 1955 in Asia. In Asia, Dorco is still the market leader for razors. Later, Dorco USA was able to bring this system to the US. Dorco chooses to only sell online and effectively cuts out the middleman. This is a huge factor in their price.

Here's the Dorco Pace 6 blade cartridge!

Here’s the Dorco Pace 6 blade cartridge!

Dorco Pace 3 blade cartridge. (Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the 4 blade cartridge, but it's basically like these two)

Dorco Pace 3 blade cartridge. (Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the 4 blade cartridge, but it’s basically like these two)

As I said, I really thought that this was going to be too good to be true. After all, there’s no way that they could actually be quality without me having ever heard of them, right? Wrong. I tried the Pace 6+ system first. I used it on my face first which hadn’t been shaved in a couple days. It handled it with ease. The blades gave me a very smooth shave and performed just as well as the more popular and more expensive Gillette Fusion Proglide (review coming soon) I had been using previously. Rinsing the blades in between strokes took a little extra time, it looks like there may be less room between the blades so it takes a bit more time for the hair to come out. Overall though, I was very happy with it. However, the trimmer is somewhat awkwardly positioned and thus I couldn’t get as much around my nostrils as I could with other brands. Nothing noticeable though. In general, these were my feelings for all three systems. I never had any issues with ingrown hairs, razor burn, or cuts on my face. All three systems function very well, it’s just personal preference on which you like best. I will say that I like the handle for the Pace 6+ the best by far. The other handles just felt a bit bulky and blocky to me. They have a Pace Trial Pack which is a great way to figure out which blades are your favorite for your face.

Dorco Pace 4 Handle.. I find this to be the most awkward handle to use.

Dorco Pace 4 Handle.. I find this to be the most awkward handle to use.

Dorco Pace 3 Razor Handle... better than the 4 but still not great in my opinion.

Dorco Pace 3 Razor Handle… better than the 4 but still not great in my opinion.


Dorco Pace 6 handle... by far the best. I really like using this handle.

Dorco Pace 6 handle… by far the best. I really like using this handle.

Now, let’s get to the legs… After all, you can find innumerable razor reviews in regards to shaving your face online. However, finding reviews from guys for legs is a different story. (I should mention that any women are more than welcome to read this if you like to use mens razors for shaving) That’s mainly relegated to cycling, triathlon, and swimming forums. And there you often don’t get too much detail. Personally, I use the same razor for shaving my face and legs. In regards to that, let’s clear some things up. First of all, doing a casual search online may lead you to believe that you shouldn’t use the same razor for both. Some claim that leg hair is thicker and causes your razor to go dull more quickly (even as far as saying shaving your legs once is equivalent to shaving your face 5 times for the razor). Many people say shaving your legs with the same razor causes you to cut your face afterwards. Etc. These, in general simply aren’t true. Yes, your legs are a larger area so you blade will dull more quickly than if you were only shaving your face (isn’t this common sense?). However, men’s facial hair is much more corse and has a much larger diameter than leg hair. You can even tell this just by feeling. The notion that one use on your legs will dull it to the point where nicks are inevitable on your face is equally absurd. In terms of hygiene… I don’t know about you, but I usually shave with warm water and soap. Therefore there are two lessons: 1. Society needs to take a step back and use common sense sometimes. 2. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

Anyway, let’s move on to their performances on my legs. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Pace 3 blade system for my legs. It tends to be a lot less forgiving when it comes to giving yourself nicks. I always seemed to have a bit of blood somewhere on my knees or (usually) near one of my Achilles’ tendons. I had to really make sure that the skin didn’t have any creases in it which ended up adding a couple of minutes to my shave time (which is still pitiful compared to most females). I also noticed that the areas of my skin which were more sensitive (inside of my thighs mainly) tended to get a bit irritated after using this blade system. It wasn’t a huge deal since I always use moisturizer afterwards which would calm down the skin, but it was rather annoying… especially if I was wearing jeans right after. One thing to note is that I probably use a bit more pressure than I should when I shave, so that might have something to do with it. Especially since some places recommend less blades for sensitive skin.

Next step up: Dorco Pace 4. My comments for this system are really just the echo of the previous paragraph: same comments, less intensity. Still had more nicks than I would have liked. I should take more time with my legs, but with my days starting at 8:30 or 8 for class or work every day, that usually doesn’t happen. This starting time wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t get to bed at 12 or (usually) 1 every night. Unfortunately, going to sleep and waking up on different calendar dates is an uncommon experience for me.

Fortunately, the Pace 6 and Pace 6+ systems are great for me and my legs. Gives a very smooth feel with just one stroke and I barely ever get nicks. Any time I get a nick, I know it’s truly my own fault. I have a few issues with my knees, but I think that’s really just something that I’ll get better at with time. It’s not nicks, just not getting all the hair, once again, my fault. I also have very little irritation using this razor. I really can’t think of anything I dislike about this razor. If I had to pick the thing I like the least is how stiff the pivoting mechanism is on it, but again, this a minor detail and really not that bad.

In fact, if you’ve ever doubted my honesty on these reviews here’s proof of how much I like these: I received the complementary promotional samples to try out in February. About a month ago, I purchased about 11-12 months worth of the Pace 6 blades. There, you have it.

In case you need picture proof, here you go.

In case you need picture proof, here you go.

These blades also have a good life too. Personally, I don’t feel the need to throw out blades as soon as they get slightly dull, I use any blade for quite awhile. It seems that these blades tend to last about 2 weeks for face and legs shaving combined. If you change blades every 2 weeks and use the Dorco Pace 6+ shaving system, your yearly total for razors and blades is… ready for this? $26.24 considering that each replacement blade costs about 1.01 when you buy 6 packs. How does that sound for you?

Still not convinced? Fine, click here for 15% off. You have no excuse to not try these. Once you have that code, I’d suggest trying one of these: Pace Trial Pack (Try Pace 3, 4, 6, and 6+ with this pack), Frugal Dude Pack (combination of 4 and 6 blade systems which lasts a year), Pace 6+ razor, and razor refills.

Come on, give them a try!

Come on, give them a try!

It’s a shame that more people don’t know about Dorco. Great razors, great prices. Go ahead and try it, you’ve got nothing to lose and a lot of money to save. :)

*The original shaving systems were provided for free for review purposes. I have since become a customer.


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7 responses to “Dorco Razors Review

  1. bgddyjim

    April 21, 2013 at 9:05 PM

    Holy SMOKES! Definitely giving these a try. Thanks!

    • College Tri

      April 22, 2013 at 1:44 PM

      No problem! I had a similar reaction when I first found out about them!

  2. fatguy2triguy

    April 21, 2013 at 10:24 PM

    I wonder if they ship to Canada. I will check them out as well.

    • College Tri

      April 21, 2013 at 10:26 PM

      They do! And if you manage to spend $40 on an order, it ships free to Canada.

  3. lehorse

    April 22, 2013 at 6:31 AM

    I am a waxer

    • College Tri

      April 22, 2013 at 1:41 PM

      Wow, that’s impressive. I haven’t met too many waxers, I think I’d have a hard time convincing myself to do that.


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